67+ Birthday Wishes Dear Friend : Quotes, Messages, Emoji And Images

For your friend or best friend’s birthday, choose the ideal wishes! Whether you have plans for cake, champagne, or both, your friend’s birthday is a wonderful occasion to celebrate! Good friends provide us with renewed inspiration and support during trying times. Therefore, you’ll obviously want to come up with the perfect way to wish them a happy birthday.

Each friendship is different. While some friends want to support and console one another, others like to mock and crack jokes. Some of your pals will be people you’ve known for a long time, so it will be simple to include inside jokes and crazy anecdotes in your birthday message. Or perhaps you want to say something brief and lovely to honour someone who has lately come to play a significant role in your life. Because some of our friends live far away, we occasionally send birthday greetings too late.

Whatever the situation, there are plenty of messages and phrases that will make your friend smile and start a fantastic birthday celebration.

Birthday Wishes For a Dear Friend.



Today, I am wishing my best friend a very happy birthday!
Another year has passed, which means that you have been warming and touching my heart with your friendship for yet another year. Girl, you are the best buddy anyone could hope for.

Friends make things better. Happy birthday!

I cannot think of a more valuable present than your friendship. Happy birthday!

Cheers to one more revolution around the sun! Keep glowing.

Best birthday wishes to the best confidant!

Let the cake contests commence! Happy birthday!

You are the most brilliant star in the universe! Happy birthday, best friend!

I wish my favourite accomplice a very happy birthday.

Dearest wishes on your birthday to my best friend in the entire world.

Best wishes for your personal new year! Let’s live it up.

Today, a true queen was born, and I couldn’t be happier to be in your court.

You are unique and deserving of everything this great day offers!

Best wishes for your birthday.

Happy birthday to the individual who is privy to all my secrets!

I hope all your hopes and dreams come true today, pal.

Thoughtful Birthday Messages for a Dear Friend.

Happy birthday, friend!
There is no better occasion than your birthday to express how precious and heartfelt your friendship is to me. I want you to know that you are much more to me than simply my best friend. To me, you’re more like a sister I never had.

I will always be grateful to have had the good fortune to meet someone as exceptional as you. You are my eternal soul sister and best friend, girl.

For a wonderful friend like you, I wanted to give you birthday greetings in advance of your special day! Happy birthday in advance, best friend!

I was so fortunate when you entered my life, and I’ve continued to be so as I’ve witnessed our friendship evolve into something genuinely lovely.
Girl, I am extremely fortunate to have a best friend like you. Best wishes for your birthday.

Best friend, enjoy your wonderful day to the fullest.

Happy birthday to my beautiful, intelligent, and devoted friend! Live life to the fullest!

As we honour you today, we ask that you never change. Best wishes for your birthday.

Together, we have created so many lovely memories. Salutations to many more. Happy birthday!

I wish you a nice birthday and a prosperous year ahead. Make each day matter!

One of the most precious persons in my life, happy birthday! Wishing you many more.

Today, we honour you! Happy birthday to an exceptional individual.

I wish that all your dreams come true. Best wishes on your birthday, dear friend!

I am really appreciative of our friendship. Cheers to one more revolution around the sun! Best wishes for your birthday!

Today should be a national holiday, as it is the birthday of my dearest friend!

On your birthday, I’m sending you an abundance of love, best friend.

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Short and Sweet Happy Birthday Friend Messages.

Happy Birthday, pal! Happy birthday! May all your wishes come true!

I am extremely fortunate to have such a nice and compassionate person in my life.

Best wishes for your birthday! I am so appreciative of our friendship and all the enjoyable times we’ve shared together. Best wishes for many more!

If I had a flower for each time you made me smile, I would have a lovely garden. Best wishes for your birthday!

Happy Birthday, closest companion! I wish you a very great day and a fantastic year!

Best wishes for your birthday! May the coming year bring you health and happiness.

Best wishes for the future year and a very happy birthday. Thank you for being a wonderful friend!

Best wishes for your birthday! I am forever grateful to have such an incredible friend. I adore you so much and cannot wait to celebrate with you.

Happy Birthday to my closest companion! I wish you a happy one.

Live it up, friend! Best wishes for your birthday!

Today is a special day for you. Happy Birthday, companion!

It’s a party, because it’s my best friend’s birthday!

It’s your birthday, buddy!

It is time to fete my best friend with cake and streamers. Best wishes for your birthday!

I’m incredibly honoured to call you my buddy. Happy birthday!

May all your hopes and dreams come true today and always. Best wishes for your birthday.

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Funny Birthday Messages for Your Dear Friend.

Your birthday is the ideal opportunity to acknowledge all of your amazing attributes, including the fact that you are older than I am.

Observe These Steps: 1) Consume cake. 2) Consume cake. Eat some cake. 4) Repeat until you have celebrated your birthday.

I must be insane since I don’t know anyone else who would put up with you! Happy birthday, companion!

Cheers to another year of our zany antics! Happy birthday to my wild best friend.

At this rate, the candles should symbolise each decade of your life; if they represented each year, the cake could catch fire. Best wishes for your birthday!

We may need to contact the fire brigade for assistance in extinguishing all these candles. Happy birthday!

Let’s get to the heart of the celebration! Happy birthday, BFF.

We are both ageing, but who’s keeping score? Best wishes for your birthday!

Surely you feel fortunate to call me a friend. Not everyone has your good fortune. Best wishes for your birthday!

Happy birthday, friend! I hope you’re not seeking for a gift, because my presence is my most valuable present to you.

Without you, my counselling expenses would be exorbitant! Happy birthday, BFF.

They are not grey hairs, but rather highlights of wisdom. You happen to be exceptionally intelligent!

Your best buddies are extremely amazing. Happy birthday, beautiful!

Unless they are unlawful, may all of your birthday wishes come true.

Birthday Quotes for a Best Friend.

A best friend is not merely someone with whom you can have fun and hang out; a best friend is someone you can rely on no matter what and confide in with all of your secrets.
I’m very fortunate to have discovered all of that and more in you.
Friend, may you have the most fantastic birthday ever!

Best wishes on your birthday, my long-distance best friend! Today, as you celebrate your very special day, I send you my warmest congratulations!

Today I have the pleasure of wishing a very happy birthday to my favourite person. Our friendship is as strong as a rock and as sweet as your birthday cake, which I hope will be!
In all seriousness, I could not ask for a better partner, and I am so honoured to name you my best friend. I value you much!

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.

Another year comes to a close, and another begins. May the coming year be one that will be filled with laughter of friends, love of family, and the life that you dream of.

True friends are like diamonds—bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.

Anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Count your age by friends, not years. Count your life by smiles, not tears.

We turn not older with years, but newer every day.

Happy birthday, my lovely friend! You’re incredible!

Every birthday is a gift. Every day is a gift.

Emoji Birthday Wishes for a Best Friend.

Happy birthday to my dancing queen!

It takes two to tango. Happy birthday!

On this day a queen/king was born!

What is it they say about aging like fine wine?

You > ☀️

My bestie takes the !

Cheers to leveling up!

Hope your birthday is as cool you are!

You’re on fire, baby! Happy birthday!

My sweet little is another year older.

Another year older , another year wiser.

Such a joy to celebrate you since day 1!

Baby, you’re a firework.

Wishing you another year full of adventures! ✈️

Happy Birthday, Grandma!

Tonight, we are young!

And she said, let them eat cake!

Still green as

It’s my top birthday today!

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