90+ Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother – Messages, Quotes, Cake Images, Greeting Cards.

Brother is the person who cares for you the most after your Mom and Dad. He fails every time to show him for you. But, he never fails to look after you, care for you and most probably irritate you. No matter how many times you will fight with your brother the bond you have will never change. Your Brother and the bond which you will have with him will also be the same. It doesn’t affect anything if you fight with your brother the whole year.

But, you should make your Brother’s Birthday great by wishing him the best way possible. And, express your love towards him irrespective of the number of fights or arguments you have. Here are some Birthday Wishes for your brother that you can send to your Brother and make his day.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

Happy Birthday Brother Camping Party

May your life be filled with sweet moments, happy smiles and blissful memories. May this day give you a new beginning in life. Happy birthday Dear Brother.

You know what, I feel so proud to have a brother like you. You are my best friend. On this special day, I want to say you, Happy Birthday Brother.

May this bring you all the happiness that you have been searching for all your life. Happy birthday to you, brother. Enjoy this day to the fullest.

Though even the sun will one day run out of fuel, my love for you shall last forever. Happy Birthday, dear brother.

I thank God each day for giving me a brother like you. On your birthday, I want to thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever hope for. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother In English.

You are such a great role model for every brother in the world because you are so loving, caring, protective, and supportive. I wish you, the best brother in the universe, a very happy birthday.

Brother, don’t think too much about the past or where you are because I believe you are destined to be great. On your birthday, I hope you reflect and understand that you are at a turning point in your life. Happy Birthday Brother.

You are my mentor and supporter in every sphere of life. I am indebted to you beyond repayment and I wish you the very best on this special day.

I consider myself a very lucky person because I found the best friend in my brother. You are a true inspiration to me, happy birthday brother!

As you get ready to face yet another birthday, remember that this is our time to party! Can’t wait to get out tonight and celebrate!

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Happy Birthday Brother Status For WhatsApp.

Happy Birthday Brother Camping Party

For u I am always here to stay, each year to wish the happiest birthday.

May all happiness come 2 u in all your rest life. many many happy returns of the day.

On your bday, some words of wisdom. smile while u still have teeth. happy b’ day.

I wish you a happy birthday I wish you many more, I wish you peace and happiness.

Wishing an amazing day and many great things to come to a wonderful person. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday! I hope it’s filled with love, laughs, and family.

I hope that 4 every candle on your cake u get a wonderful surprise. Happy birthday.

Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.

I could never choose and I never would have anyone like my brother except you. Happy birthday, brother!

Having A Younger Brother Like You Is Like Opening A Present Every Day Wish You A Birthday Filled With Joy, Dreams And Love.

I have always looked up to u. You are the best brother in the whole world and my ideal. Happy Birthday, May u have a lot more.

You are another year older, a handsome young man for all to see. Please understand and never forget; none of the ur girlfriends will ever be as pretty as me.

Happy birthday 2 my special brother! Ur presence in my life makes it much more joyful and colorful! Wishing you all the most precious things that life can bring!

Dear Brother, No matter how much I hate you, I will always love you. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday Bro! You have the most beautiful of hearts and the wisest of minds and it is my honor to have u as my brother.

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Happy Birthday Messages for Brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother Prayer

Happy birthday to a brother who is smart, funny, witty, charming… and reminds me a lot of myself!

You’re turning a perfect age. Old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Happy Birthday.

You’re finally 21! Now you can legally do all those things that you’ve been doing since you were 16! Happy birthday.

No matter how serious life gets, you’ve got to have that one person you can be completely stupid with. So glad I’ve got you, bro! Have a brilliant birthday!

You are not only my brother, but a real hero and a role model.
I am endlessly happy to have such a wonderful brother like you.
Happy birthday!

I know I have you by my side.
Thank you for this incredible feeling of security!
Love you, Brother,
Happy Birthday!

My dearest brother, thank you for motivating and inspiring me.
You always have my best interests at heart and it means the world!
Happy birthday.

When I was a little kid, I only saw an elder brother in you.
Now when I am a grown-up, I got it – you are not only my elder brother, you are my best friend, you are my support and inspiration.
Happy birthday!

Thank you for laughing with me, arguing with me, believing in me.
Thank you for always being there brother.
Happy birthday, my dear Brother!

You’ve never let me down, through thick and thin.
You are always there for me.
I thank you for all the things you do.
You are the best brother it’s true.
Happy birthday, bro.

Happy Birthday Brother Quotes.

The best memories of my childhood are affiliated with you. No matter what used to happen, you always proved yourself to be nice to me and supported me through ups and downs of life. You are my inspiration and the best person in my life. Happy Birthday!

You are the greatest bro in the world, you are like google to me because whenever I had a problem, you were always there for me to solve it. Happy Birthday!

I feel so proud that I have such a great brother. You are my pride and I thank you for everything you have done for me. You are the best brother in the whole world. May you have many more special days like this. Happy Birthday. May you live long.

I am following your footsteps from my childhood and you never put me the wrong track. I am so lucky to have a brother like you. May you enjoy every moment of your special day. Happy Birthday.

I used to get angry at Mom and Dad for sharing my room with you, but now I came to know that you gave me the best memories and I miss my childhood. Happy Birthday!

All I want is a brother like you and I have it. You are someone with whom I am really frank and ask for anything. May your special day brings lots of happiness in your life. Happy Birthday!

You are my best friend with whom I can share my all problems and who can solve my all problems. You have always been a problem solver. Happy Birthday, bro!

You are the most supportive person in my life and you always supported me to stand straight in front of my problems and helped me in solving them out. I pray that your special day brings lots of joys. Be happy.

Happy Birthday Shayari for Brother.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother Message

मेरे दोस्त भी हो तुम,
मेरा सहारा भी हो तुम,
जीवन के इस सफर के हमसफर भी हो तुम ।
मेरे लिये हर पल रहते हो फिक्रमंद,
खुशनसीबी है मेरी कि, तुम-सा भाई मिला मुझे ।
जन्मदिन की ढेर सारी शुभकामनाये…

Mila hai dher sara pyar mujhe tujhse bhaiya,
Kaise main ye lafzon me bataun?
Tu rahe khush hamesha yahi dua hai sath,
janam din mubarak sabse pehle meri taraf se.

सब से अलग हैं मेरा भैया,
सब से प्यारा है मेरा भैया,
कौन कहता हैं – खुशियाँ ही सब होती हैं जहाँ में,
मेरे लिए तो खुशियों से भी अनमोल हैं मेरा भैया…
जन्मदिन मुबारक हो भैया….

Bhai ke janamdin ke mauke par,
Sari duriyan meeta dete hain,
Sare jhagde bhula dete hain,
Sirf ek baat yaad rakhte hain,
I love and respect you so much, brother.

Rishta hum bhai behen ka,
Kabhi meetha kabhi khatta,
Kabhi ruthna kabhi manana,

Aaj hai janam din mere bhai ka,
To le aana bada cake,
Aur manayenge khushiyon ka din ye hamara.

Relationship of our siblings,
sometimes sweet, sometimes sour,
sometimes angry and sometimes,
today is your birthday brother,
so bring a big cake,
we will celebrate our day together…

May every wish of your heart be yours,
and the happiness you get will give you,
if today you ask for a star in the sky,
then God gives you the whole sky ..!

Oh god my love is so sweet
My mother is my brother,
Do not give him any trouble, God
Wherever he lived, his life was happy.

Shine like the sun, smell like flowers,
This is the blessing of this sister
Today that you will always be happy. Brother from brother’s side
Wish you a very happy birthday.

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Happy Birthday Brother Greeting Card

You were my hero right from the start. Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming just like you and follow in your footsteps. Have a blessed day brother!….
Happy Birthday!

We have experienced good and bad times together in life after which I came to know you are my supporter, protector, guide, a mentor in fact everything rolled into one. Happy Birthday, brother!!

Happy Birthday to you dear Brother; move forward to growth, laugh at yourself and enjoy the ride; wishing you happy days ahead.

You are my Max Bro, everything you do is Max… have Max fun dear brother, you’ve earned it. Happy Birthday!

Thanks for understanding me and also being my partner in crime at all times. Happy Birthday, bro!

Growing up with you is so much fun.
Thanks for making a wonderful duo with me, brother.
Wish you a Happy Happy Birthday!

Nothing upsets you, your bruises come and go, your loses never deter, your spirit always wins. Happy Birthday, Brother, you are my daily dose of inspiration.

You’ve proven me wrong so many times before, little brother. I will never under-underestimate you again. Happy Birthday!

My dear brother, I wish you a very happy and joyful year ahead. May God love and care you, as you did for me. May you live a long and beautiful life.
Happy Birthday.

I thank God each and every day for giving me a brother like you. On your birthday, I want to thank you for being the best brother anyone could ever hope for. Happy Birthday!

Brother, don’t think too much about the past or where you are because I believe you are destined to be great. On your birthday, I hope you reflect and understand that you are at a turning point in your life. Happy Birthday.

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Brother

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