88+ Good Night Messages – Wishes, Images, and Quotes

Goodnight messages are a great way to make a special deal with your loved one. Make it extra special by sending a text message expressing your love for the person. Send them good wishes and make it clear that you value their existence. You will find good wishes for all relationships here. You will find sweet messages for loved ones, romantic goodnight messages for lovers and inspiring good-night messages for your friends. These heartfelt messages will bring a smile to their faces as they go to bed.

Good Night Messages.

No matter how awful the day was, try to think positive thoughts and end it with a smile. Focus on the next day, and you will have a sweet dream. Good night.

Tonight is not the time to feel alone or upset. Enjoy the tranquility of this night and feel it with all your heart. Enjoy a restful night. Good night!

You are my love and my life. Good night darling. I wish you many sweet dreams tonight.

There are many reasons to be thankful for God, but this is the first. It was a wonderful night for good sleep. Good night!

Good night! May you wake up with new hope and lots of positive energy tomorrow. Good night!

The only truth in my life is your love and you. All I want when I wake up each morning is for you to start a new day. Good night!

As long as I am loved by you, all I need to keep me warm is your love. Because I only need the warmth of your love. Good night!

Dear friend, I wish you a good night and restful sleep. Don’t worry about the future. No matter what, I’ll always be there for you.

Get to sleep and get ready for the best night of your life. Good night!

Tomorrow may be bright and full of joy. Good night!

Give yourself some sleep as the moonlight dims, the world gets quieter and the world becomes more peaceful. Let’s hope your sleep is as good as your heart.

What happens when an ordinary dream turns into a sweet one? It’s when someone as sweet and caring as you are present in it. Good night! Come and make my dreams more sweet!

Let go of all worries and allow your body to feel the warmth and softness of your blanket and bed. Have a peaceful night!

Good night dear. Tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. Make sure you are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Get good sleep!

Your breathing sounds like the most beautiful lullaby. We wish you a peaceful sleep and many romantic dreams. Good night!

These nights are God’s blessings. This blessing is yours to enjoy, so don’t lose it by staying up late. Good night! Good night!

Beautiful Goodnight Messages.

You are waiting for a new day. Rest well and get up early. The new day demands that you be healthy and fit. Good night!

You can sleep like a king at nights and work like an executive during the day. Nothing will stop you reaching the top of your ladder. Good night!

Nights should be used to rest, not worry. Get in bed and sleep. Good night! You are in for a new day with new possibilities.

Sleep well, fairies! Good night.

The night is quiet and dark. It’s a perfect time to reflect back on the day. Good night and restful sleep.

You have to get rid of all the stress and tension you’ve been feeling all day. Get as much sleep as you can before you start another stressful day. Good night.

Tonight, I wish that you have the most sweetest dreams of your life. Good night.

I wonder what your dreams are at night. And how do you sleep? Good night, dear. Good night, dear.

All your worries will be gone. Good night!

May you find comfort and peace as the night falls. Warmest regards and my love to you. Keep your eyes open.

I hope you find my goodnight text uplifting and makes it clear that you are valued. I wish you a wonderful day and rest well.

Count as many sheep as you can. You can have a pleasant dream when you fall asleep. This will help you get rid of all negative thoughts. Good night!

Before I go to bed every night, I remind my self that tomorrow I will have to love you even more than I did today. Goodnight, my love.

It’s the most romantic thing I know. To be right beside you at night is blissful. It is something I am certain we will do one day. Good night!

You made my day more pleasant than usual. You have a wonderful sleep. May the angels protect you. Good night, rest well.

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For him, good-night quotes

Let’s both look at the moon together and marvel at the fact that our lives are in the same timeframe. Have a wonderful night. We love you so much.

My dear, may your dreams be sweet. You are my love to the moon and back. My sweet prince charming, nighty night.

It will be way more pleasant to say goodnight than send you a text message. I wish you a restful night. I love you.

It’s amazing that I have someone as charming and wonderful as you in my life. Good evening prince charming

Today has been filled with many wonderful moments. Tomorrow will be another memorable day. Good night my dear!

You are perfect in every way, even your imperfections. Goodnight, my love!

Your thoughts keep you awake at night. It doesn’t matter, because I can see your beautiful face every morning. Good night!

You are the most beautiful and luckiest girl I know. When you’re next to me, all my worries disappear. Good night!

Goodnight sweetheart. As you drift off to sleep tonight, know that I will be there in your dreams to give you a hug.

We’ll one day be right beside each other in bed, and we’ll wait for a fresh start with a new passion to be together! Good night!

All the stars may guide you to a sound night’s sleep, as I battle every nightmare for your good. My love, while you have sweet dreams, love.

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For her, good-night quotes.

I pray that despite a difficult day, you will get a restful and peaceful night. Sweetie, I love you more that you realize. Good night.

I look forward to seeing you, sweetheart. You are well. Good night, and rest well. You are so special to me

We will one day be able to say goodnight in person, instead of via text messages. We are eagerly awaiting that day. Enjoy a warm and cozy night. I love you a lot.

Tonight, I will be your brightest dream and your best sleep. Let me in, when I knock at your door. Good night!

Holding you in my arms gives me the most joy. I wish I could be there tonight to hug you. Good night!

My days are spent thinking about you, and my nights are spent dreaming about you. You are my everything. I don’t want anything less. Good night!

Tonight, the cold night won’t touch your skin. My love will keep warm you through the night. Good night!

Good Night Messages to Friends.

This is the end of another amazing day. Recharge your batteries, tomorrow will be a better one. Good night dear friend!

Although I do not want to disturb your sleep, I can’t help but close my eyes and say goodnight. Good night, friend!

While girlfriends and boyfriends may change, our friendship will never cease to shine. Goodnight, friend.

All your worries and troubles will be swept away and you can get a restful night. Hugs, buddy! Good night.

May we be together forever like the moon and stars. I wish you a restful night and forget all of your worries. Love ya.

Good Night Texts to Friends.

It’s been a long night, I know. You’ll still have plenty of time for sleep and dreams. Good night, my friend. Good night, friend!

There are many stars in the sky tonight, and I was curious which one it is. You are indeed a star, my friend! Good evening!

Smiles, laughs, tears, frowns. Fights and pranks. Without you, I would have missed the best parts of life. Good night.

For the next twelve hours, I won’t be taking selfies. It’s not because it will be dark, but because they won’t have friends like you. Good night.

Sweet Dreams Airlines welcomes you. Sweet friends like you are your pilots on your flight to any place in the world. Enjoy, good night.

Only thing that makes me happy is the fact that I look forward every day to being with amazing friends like you. Good evening.

Our friendship brings glamour and character to our everyday lives, just like the skyline at night.

Although I realize I sometimes take you for granted, even though you are my bestie. But being alone every night reminds of how dear you are to me. Xoxo

Like the bright stars that lighten up the night sky at night, my memories of friendship are twinkles in every moment. Good night buddy.

When I think back to our friendship, even the sadness of a lonely night can be transformed into a sweet harmony. Good night.

Success in life is not always measured by the size of your dreams. Real success is measured by how many people you are able to share your dreams with. Good evening, friend.

Funny Good Night Messages.

This beautiful night’s quiet reminds me of your love. How can I rest peacefully at night without disturbing your sleep?

We sleep as a temporary death. It would be so nice if people didn’t wake up every morning! You’re the one I’m referring to! Good night!

Even a terrible person can do some good for the rest of the people around you. You just need to have a good night’s sleep and not get up in the morning.

Sleep well before bed bugs become hungry! Good night, and rest well!

Are you aware that I am missing you so much right now? Please, sleep early tonight so that I can meet up with you in my dreams as soon as possible. Good night!

Take a look at the sky, and notice the brightest star. This star is telling you to go to bed. Good night!

I wish your dreams are filled with ghosts and witches, and that your nights are filled with dreams. Add to this your sleepwalking habit. We wish you a wonderful night!

Evenings are a good time to see horror movies. Going to sleep knowing that ghosts are not real. But, waking up at night with fear and sweat. All these emotions are what I want for you!

Goodnight, don’t let bed bugs bite you. Yes, that’s true. I believe I saw one in your home earlier. Keep your eyes open!

Sometimes I’m a bit silly, but I care about you. You can always count on me to be there for you no matter what. Good night.

If you have trouble sleeping, send me a message and I will call you if you have nightmares. I will get rid of your nightmares. Good night.

Remember, night is not made for texting. Turn off your phone and enter the realm of dreams. Good night.

No matter how big your bed is, you can still dream of a king-sized bed. Good night.

To see dreams, night is to dream them. Day is to make them come true. It is important to fall asleep now in order to see your dreams. Good Night, Sweet Dreams

I invented a new phrase, it’s called “early to bed, early rise, and early to meet friends like myself.”

The best part about life is the dream. You can’t miss out on the best part life, if you don’t get enough sleep. Get to sleep and have sweet dreams. Good night.

Sweet Good Night Wishes.

Each moment of these long nights can be a time to thank God for you. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. Good night!

I am reminded of a beautiful face by the moon that shines above my head. It is a face that can erase all my painful memories. Good night and a restful sleep.

Take a deep breath, forget about the day, no matter how difficult it was. You are in for a new beginning. Good Night, dear.

I hope that you had an amazing day and are looking forward to a restful night. You are loved by the Almighty. Good night.

Your presence in my life makes me happy. Thank you for existing, dear. Enjoy a restful night. Good night, and rest well

You are the last person I think about before falling asleep. Your calm and gentle nature make it all seem so easy. Have a great sleep dear.

You are the reason my dreams are so full. Your dreams tonight are so full of me. I cannot wait to hug you tomorrow morning. Good evening!

Like you, a million stars have lit up our night sky like you have lit up mine all my life. My day begins with you in the morning, and ends with you at night. Good night!

My daily dose of happiness is found in kissing your forehead at night and in the morning. Good night!

My hair feels soft and sultry as the night breeze blows through it. I wish I wasn’t having to miss you so much.

There is something big, warm, and fuzzy. Before you start to get overwhelmed with ideas, it is just a good night hug from me!

I wish I could be the pillow you put under your head tonight. I would make sure that you get the best night’s sleep tonight. Good night!

You are the reason I sleepless nights. Because of you, I hold onto my pillow tightly. You are also the reason that I can’t go to sleep without saying goodbye.

Inspirational Good Night Messages.

Be free from your frustrations and worries. Wake up with new dreams and hopes as the sun rises again at dawn.

All of your sorrows are best left behind. It is time to say good-bye to all of your sadness. Get rid of all the negative aspects of your life and find a comfortable, soft bed to rest on.

Sometimes, in life, it is enough to just wait until the right moment for you to start over. You wait until the sun rises to lighten your path, just like you do at night.

The night is a great time to conserve energy and increase your strength for tomorrow’s battle. Don’t stay up late at night! Sleep early, and you will be able to sleep tight.

Now is the time to reflect on all the positive things that you have done today. Learn from your mistakes and strive for a better tomorrow. We wish you a great night!

Best Good Night Wishes and Messages

It is your duty to yourself to think positive thoughts at the end of each day. Today you did your best. No matter what, tomorrow is another chance to start again.

All your worries will be veiled by the dark clouds of night. Let the stars shine brightly in your dreams and let the soft moon soothe all your troubles. Good night.

Don’t dwell on the hurtful things others have done to you. Keep your smile on the face and remember the moments you were made to smile. Good night.

The stars and the moon are there to wish you a happy night. As you drift off to sleep, let the light of moon guide your dreams.

You cannot live without sleep, and a night without night is not a blessing. This is your chance to experience GOD’s beauty within you, with your eyes closed. Rosy night.

Let go of all worries and worry. Good night, and a fresh start. Good night!

For those who dream, night is longer than day and for those who achieve their DREAMS, day is longer than night.

Good Night Wishes – Images.