70+ Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister : Images, Quotes, Messages And Shayari

Sisters are the heart and soul of the family, and everyone loves them. A sister will fight with you like a child, but she will also take care of you like a mother. Older sisters are irreplaceable for everyone. They have a special place in my heart that no one else can ever take. Siblings aren’t just related by blood; they tend to be best friends as well. No one will be there for you and understand you as well as your sister does.

No matter how much we try, we can’t stop remembering the great times we had with our older sister. If you have an older sister, you must know how helpful, inspiring, and loving they are. In exchange, you need to make her feel like a very important part of the family. Why not start on the day she was born? Your older sister’s birthday is a great chance to tell her how you feel about her and how much you love, adore, and respect her.

When her birthday comes around, it’s your job to make her happy by sending her a warm birthday message. Tell your sister how much you care about her. Your heartfelt birthday wishes to your sister will make her day twice as happy and help her feel the closeness that every sibling has with their other sibling. Here are some great examples of birthday greetings for your sister. Read through them and choose the one that will make your sister’s birthday the best!

Birthday Wishes For Elder Sister.


Happy birthday to my lovely sister. I feel a lot of joy and happiness because my older sister is a wonderful person. You and everything you do is my models to follow. Shine on, sister!

Dear sister, thank you for all the great memories and joy you’ve given me over the years. And thank you even more for always being there for me, loving me, and helping me whenever I need it. Have a great birthday! Be blessed!

You are sweet, loving, beautiful, and amazing. You’re my older sister and my best friend forever. Sister, happy birthday! Have a lot of fun and enjoy your day.

Hey, big sister! Thanks for all the fun late-night talks, sharing everything with me, and keeping me from getting in trouble with my dad a million times. You are the most interesting person I’ve ever met by a long shot. I hope that your birthday is full of fun surprises.

I didn’t think I needed a friend because I already have you, and I didn’t want to make one. I am more than lucky to have you as my big sister who looks out for me. Happy birthday to your older sister, and stay lucky!

You can still live your life the way you want to even as you get older. Be happy, keep an open mind, and be ready to take in life. Happy birthday to my sister who is more sweet than sugar. Keep your zing alive!

Sister, happy birthday! Thank you for being such a helpful sister and best friend. I love you!

You treat me as if I were your own child. I really want to be like you when I grow up because you walk and talk with such elegance and ease. I’m lucky to have a bossy big sister like you. Happy birthday, and may God’s light shine on you!

Happy birthday moon pie! I hope you will grow up to be a kind and wonderful person.

Dear little sister, you’re getting older, it looks like. I hope that this strong bond between us will last for the rest of our lives.

Older sisters are more like mothers, and they often take care of their cute little brothers. They love them, though. So, happy birthday to your older sister! May you be successful in everything you do to advance your career and grow!

Elder sisters are always there to teach you when you need them. They are like fairies in that way. Wishing my older sister a happy birthday! May you never ever feel sad again!

Happy Birthday Elder Sister Quotes.

“My dear sister, I hope you have a great birthday and that the next year is full of happiness, excitement, and fun!”

“Sisters like you are diamonds. They shine and are worth a lot of money. They are a woman’s best friend. Sister, happy birthday!”

“When did we grow up? We used to share everything from clothes to combs, shoes to slippers, notebooks to pens, gossip to problems I didn’t even know I had. “Happy birthday, my little sister!

“Just give me a call when you need someone there for the most important things in your life, and I’ll come running. It doesn’t matter if things are good or bad, because there is never a time when I won’t be there for you.”

“Sister, we laughed and talked a lot together and helped each other feel better when we were down. I think there are still a lot of good memories to come. Have an amazing birthday!”

“When I look at my life through a kaleidoscope, you make the most beautiful patterns with bright colours. Sister, happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday! If it weren’t for you, my childhood would have been so boring. Thanks for all the great times we’ve had together, and I can’t wait for all the fun times to come, starting with your birthday!”

“Thanks to you, my dear big sister, my childhood memories are full of laughter and fun! I can’t believe we’re getting older and that time seems so long ago. Here’s to your bright future! May it be full of happiness and joy!”

“There have been so many magical times in our lives that we’ve shared. We both laughed and cried together, and we turned frowns into smiles. I hope you have a great birthday.”

My amazing sister deserves a birthday kiss! I’m sure you’ll have fun and adventure on your big day, just like you do every day!”

“My crazy, loving, caring, and fun sister, life would have been a terrible mess without you. “It’s your birthday!

“Happy birthday to the coolest sister in the world!” Thanks for letting me tag along all the time and being there for me when I need you.”

“I can’t imagine going through life without a sister like you who is so cool. We appreciate everything. “It’s your birthday!

“On your birthday, my sister, I hope that your special day is as magical and wonderful as you are.”

“To my wonderful sister, happy birthday! I’m so proud of everything you’ve done. Thank you for being such a good example.”

“Have a great birthday, sister! Getting to know you as I grew up has been the most exciting thing I’ve ever done. I love you so much.”

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Birthday Wishes Shayari For Elder Sister.

Tumhare chehre par sada pyari si muskaan rahe
Gumo ka tumhare paas namonishaan na rahe
Duwa karta hu uper wale se…
Aap apni jindgi me kabhi pareshaan na rahe.
Happy Birthday Sister

Khoobsurti hamesha aapke chehre par sajti rahe
Khushi hamesha aapki jindgi me mahakti rahe.
Happy Birthday to you

Tum muskurati raho jindgi sari
Aisi dil se dua hai hamari
Jindgi sada mehakti rahe tumhari…
Rahe har subha or har shaam tumhari.
Happy Birthady

Hume nahi kisi ke dil me rehna
Jaan se bhi pyari hai hume hamari behna.
Happy Birthday to you

Is kaynaat ke aage bhi koi jahan hoga
Lekin aap ke jaisa pyara waha bhi koi nahi hoga.
Janmdin Mubarak ho

Bahut Musqil Se Kal Ki Raat Gujri H,
Kuch Tanha Par Khass Gujri H,
Dhero Khusiyan Mile Tumhe,
Bas Yahi Duayen Dene Ke Sath Gujri H.
Happy Birthday Sister.

Hum aapke janamdin par dete hain yeh dua,
Hum aur tum milkar, honge kabhi na juda,
Jivan bhar sath denge apna he ye vaada,
Tuj par apni jaan bhi denge,
apna he ye irada.
Happy B’day my lovely sis!.

Yahi dua karta hu khuda se,
Aapki zindigi mein koi Gam na ho,
Janamdin per mile hazaro khusiyan,
Chahe unme shaamil hum na ho.
Happy Birthday Sister.

Khusi Se Bite Har Din,
Har Raat Suhani Raat Ho,
Jis Taraf Aapke Kadam Pade,
Waha Phoolo Ki Barsaat Ho.
Happy Birthday Sister.

“Chaand Se Pyaaree Chaandanee;
Chaandanee Se Bhee Pyaaree Raat;
Raat Se Pyaaree Zindagee;
Aur Zindagee Se Bhee Pyaaree Meree Bahena”

“Har Lamha Aapake Hothon Pe Muskaan Rahe,
Har Gam Se Aap Anajaan Rahe,
Jisake Saath Mahak Uthe Aapakee Zindagee,
Hamesha Aapake Saath Vo Insaan Rahe.”

“Khusi Se Bite Har Din,
Har Raat Suhani Raat Ho,
Jis Taraf Aapke Kadam Pade,
Waha Phoolo Ki Barsaat Ho.
Happy Birthday Sister.”

“Tum Muskuraatee Raho Jindagee Saaree,
Aisee Dil Se Dua Hai Hamaaree,
Jindagee Sada Mahakatee Rahe Tumhaaree,
Rahe Har Subah Aur Har Shaam Tumhaaree.
Janmadin Mubaarak Ho Bahan”

“Har Mushkil Aasan Ho,
Har Pal Mein Khushiyaan Ho,
Har Din Aapaka Khubasoorat Ho,
Aisa Hee Aapaka Poora Jeevan Ho,
Janmadin Mubaarak Ho Pyaaree Bahana”

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Happy Birthday Wishes Elder Sister Images.